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Contact – Tłumacz Przysięgły UK/ Sworn Translator UK

Tel. 07742823969
email: wolos_studio@yahoo.co.uk

Depending on the number of document, you can get a discount – even up to  25%.For example: 2 documents: 5% of discount

3 documents: 10%  of discount

4 documents:15% of discount

5 documents:20% of discount

6 and more: 25%  of discount

You might even get a discount for one long document. Just Ask!

Let us know a short description of the document to be translated, and you will receive the price and deadline.

Ask also for a current promotion!

Current Promotion: Additional copy of translation free of charge!

Please contact us and attach a copy of the document on: wolos_studio@yahoo.co.uk


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