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Terms and Conditions – Tłumacz Przysięgły UK/ Sworn Translator UK

Detailed terms and conditions of cooperation are presented below. Using the services provided by the translator shows acceptance of the terms and conditions by the person placing the order/receiveing the translation.

1. Prices listed on the website may vary from the actual prices based on differences in documents, ways of their completion and their legibility. These are approximate prices. Each document is priced individually after being read by the translator.

2. The order is accepted after the details form with all necessary details is completed by the customer and received by the translator.

3. The person placing the order is fully responsible for the validity of all information provided to the translator. This includes the correct return (postal) address and email address for delivering the translation. The translator carries no responsibility in the case of the customer providing incorrect details.

4. The ordering person declares that they have the right to hold the documents and order their translation and receive the document(s) which are to be the subject of translation. This person should ensure that they have the right to copy, scan or e-mail the documents and they have the right to place the order, they place the order by their own free will, at the same time taking responsibility for placing the order. In the case the order is placed by a third party, the ordering person is responsible for owning all necessary permissions to act on behalf of the holder, they take all responsibility for placing the order, even if payment for the translation is made by the holder. Additionally, the ordering person ensures that the document is original, unchanged in any way by the person without the right to do so. The translator is not responsible in this respect as they act in their own good will.

5. The period in which the document is being translated is estimated from the moment of payment being received/ the proof of payment being received by the translator. In case of the delay in the transaction being shown on the bank statement, the period is estimated from the moment of receiving the proof of payment and the document to translate. It is the actual period of translation, not including the time taken to deliver by post.
6. The translator has the right to decline any orders without giving the reason for declining.

7. Proper names in the document remain as in the original. This includes names without Polish characters.
8. The translations are sworn translations with the Polish stamp of the sworn translator, unless otherwise stated.

9.The translator cannot guarantee that the translation will be acknowledged by the institution. This fact does not authorise to the reimbursement of the translation fee.

The person ordering the translation should check with the institution requiring the translation if they need to provide the original document or a copy of the original document to translate.

10. If documents/translations are posted, the translator cannot be held responsible for their loss during the delivery.

11. In case of errors and omissions in the translation, the corrected version will posted or emailed free of charge in a week’s time after reporting any errors and omissions. The translator cannot be held responsible for any damages arising from such errors or omissions.
12. If the translator has not received any information that the translation has not been delivered in one week after the completion of the order, the translation deems to be delivered.
13. Any financial responsibility of the translator is limited only to the amount received for the translation. The translator will endeavour to the best of their knowledge and abilities.
14. Delivery of each order is agreed individually.

15. If the a copy of the document is translated, such information is included in the translation.
17. Additional copies of the translation may be issued for a fee, if available.
18. In case of order cancellation after making the payment, payment may be reimbursed after the deduction of a percentage cost of the already translated part of the document. In some circumstances, the translator has got the right to cancel the order after receiving the payment. In such a case the paid amount is refunded.

19. Minimal cost of the order is £10
20. In matters not regulated by these terms the adequate regulations in England and Wales.

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